Marius I. Mihailescu, Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
SPIRU HARET University

Welcome to My Personal Website!

With over a decade of academic exploration and twelve years of hands-on industry experience, I am thrilled to share my journey with you. My career has been a blend of rigorous academic research and dynamic industry challenges, allowing me to develop a deep understanding and expertise in software development, software engineering, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

In academia, I delved into the theoretical foundations and innovative methodologies of computing, contributing to the knowledge base through teaching, research, and publications. This phase of my career honed my analytical skills and deepened my understanding of complex computing concepts.

Transitioning to the industry, I applied these skills in practical environments, tackling real-world problems and delivering solutions that drive efficiency and security. My experience spans various roles, where I've led teams in developing cutting-edge software, engineered robust systems, and implemented cloud-based solutions that prioritize security and scalability.

Here, you'll find insights from my journey, reflections on the evolving tech landscape, and resources that I hope will inspire and inform your own path. Whether you're a student, a fellow professional, or simply curious about the world of computing, there's something here for you.

Thank you for visiting, and let's connect the dots between academia and industry to innovate and secure our digital future!