Marius I. Mihailescu

Short Online Resume

Marius Iulian Mihailescu

Associate Lecturer, Chief-Research-Officer and Software IT Manager

With a career of 10+ years in industry and 6+ years in university teaching, Marius Iulian Mihailescu is the Executive and Chief-Research-Officer of Dapyx Solution Ltd., a company focused on security- and cryptography-related research. He has authored and co-authored more than 40 articles (journal contributions and conference proceedings), and five books related to security and cryptography. He lectured at well-known national and international universities, teaching courses on programming, cryptography, information security, and other technical topics. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, two MSc in information security and software engineering, BSc in Information technology and a BEng in Computer Engineering.

Teaching Experience

Associate Lecturer

Spiru Haret University | 2020 - present

Teaching the following courses:

  • Information Security
  • Functional Programming with Haskell


Lumina University | 2015 - 2016

Teaching the following courses:

  • Graphic Interfaces (TIDS411)
  • Formal Languages and Translators (TIDD310)
  • Video-Audio Compression Techniques (TIDS420)

Leading the Scientific Seminar on Applied Cryptography and Cybersecurity

Associate Lecturer

University of Bucharest | 2011 - 2016

Teaching the following course:

  • Network Distributed Systems (CS221)
  • Advanced Programming (CS213)


Titu Maiorescu University | 2010 - 2016

Teaching the following course:

  • Security Information and Cryptography (I314)
  • Software Development Methods (I325)
  • Graphs and Applications (I123)
  • Programming Languages with C/C++ (I115)
  • Programming with Haskell, OCaml, F#, and Python (I327)

Industry Experience


Dapyx Solution | 2019 - present

Software IT Manager

Confidential | 2019 - present

IT Infrastructure Specialist (IT Officer)

Royal Caribbean Cruises | 2016 - 2019

R&D Director

Lumina University | 02.2015 - 11.2016

Software Developer

NetBridge Investments | 2008 - 2011

Software Developer

Declic | 2005 - 2008



Research Project

The ELFET project goal is to develop an eLearning platform based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning algorithms for adjusting the students in the streamlining process. The platform is optimized for cloud computing and big data environment, using searchable symmetric encryption and homomorphic encryption as cryptographic techniques for guaranteeing the CIA of data.


Research Project

The novelty of the SMOCK project consists in providing a new innovative authentication scheme for protecting the credentials (user and password) and storing them in a secure environment. Another important component of the novelty consists in improving the raising of the organizations capacities in order to generate solutions that are validated in a laboratory for new mobile technologies and new services which are significantly improved and capable to be offered in the end to the economical agents.


Research Project

The goal of SHEBA project is to create and test a new security model (functional and experimental) based on searchable encryption and biometric authentication for the users that are using different products on different devices. The SHEBA project will allow the users to upload their documents in encrypted format on a cloud server and to search among them, using tokens based on favourite keywords.


Research Project

The CrAI project goal is to predict the chance for a crime to happen again using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning algorithms. The software solution (which comes in two forms, web and desktop application) has multiple components (module) that collaborate between them for achieving the desired result – generating the crime hot spots and predicting a future and imminent crime for a certain spot.